Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Little Powder- A Little Paint!

We closed today- HOORAY!!! It is filthy, ugly, and more filthy! Yuck yuck yay!

My mind is swirling with all the possibilities. My Pinterest kitchen board is full of them!

I feel like I am house ADD.  I flit from one idea to the next. I suppose I should start with, well, moving.
Keep checkin' in. We will see you as the projects start raining down!

Friday, October 21, 2011

They call me Tater Salad...

So we are buying a house- we have an accepted offer, signed contract, all that stuff. It isn't going smoothly and I am stressed so we are going to talk about our beautiful housewarming gift.

He is an American Bulldog.  He rescued by my dad in Colorado. We lost our big dog 8 years, 2 months, 3 weeks ago.  She was one of a kind and could not be replaced.  We didn't think we would ever get another big dog. However, just like she did when she came to us, he needs a family. We cannot think of anything more special than to share our home with him.  We threw out names with no one agreeing on anyone elses choice until I joked "they call me Tater Salad" and we agreed that was a great name for him! I am going  after closing and pick him up. If you ever think you cannot make a difference in the world- adopt a pet.  The rewards know no bounds.  Abandoned and abused animals are, unfortunately, very easy to find.

Things are stressful- I am grateful. We are getting our house and a new family member. God is good!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Officially FLIPPING!

OMG!!! I did not get a house. I was outbid on both of them.  I am feeling a little lost...
A little homeless.  We went to look at some more today.  I want a fixer upper.  I enjoy that but...

Give me a break.  I am willing to fix. I am not willing to pay Perignon prices for Perrier property.  So the Hunt continues...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I'll See Your 20 and Raise You 10!

So we have been looking...and looking...and looking.  We have put offers in on two properties (good news) and so have others- on both properties (bad news).  So now we are just waiting to hear if we got both, or which one, or (FREAK OUT TIME) nothing. 

House one... is a 3/1 with an income property.

House 2... 3/1 with a garage and awesome yard.

I prefer house 2 for my family but cannot ignore the financial aspect of house 1.  Since the recession gremlins came and took away life as we knew it, it is hard to pass on the money making opportunity. At this point I have decided to step back and let God decide where I am supposed to be. I was making myself freakin' crazy trying to figure it out.  So, I just gave it up.  Not to be confused with just giving up.

Both properties need tons of work and an INSANE amount of Lysol just to make them habitable.  The good news is a) I am not afraid of hard work and b) think of all the cool projects I will get to post! Hooray!!!

Wish me luck!  I will keep ya posted.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Last Week I...

Painted a cabinet, paper bagged the ugly formica top, and did stencil & fabric inserts on the doors...

Painted this old school table white, distressed it, and painted a huge funked out flower on the top...

and painted this old table for the laundry room for a folding table. That isn't all- just all I have pics of so far.  I really need to start taking before pics!  I will work on that for next time- but for now- I am exhausted! lol

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Answered Prayers

Last August we spent some time with friends at the Oklahoma City Memorial.  The picture is my Heidi and her friend praying for the lost babies at the chair honoring baby Bailey.  They prayed for the end to people with this kind of evil in their heart.  I would call yesterday an answered prayer.

My many thanks to Hoover for the amazing picture.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

It's Official!

I am Wisconsin. I know right! Texas to the core sun baby headed north- rumor has it that up there, I have an accent.  At least no one I have met on my previous trips has assumed I am from there. I say "Hi, how are y'all today?" And the reply is never "fine" or "fair to middlin'". It is ALWAYS "where are you from?" I tried lying once and said "South Chicago".  Everyone laughed so hard, and I am just guessing, they didn't believe me.

So, anyhow, I haven't been around much at all. My momma taught us that if you don't have anything good to say- Shut up! It's been a pretty tough year. Don't get me wrong- we have our blessings.  We have another grandchild we are raising.  Sexy Beast got a great new job.  But that meant that a) we added one more mouth to feed which led to b) we needed to live apart for the better part of the year. You don't raise happy kids bouncing from town to town and hotel to hotel. So we packed it up and moved to my brothers. It has not been easy but I gotta tell you, I think my brother and his family ROCK! They never even took a minute- just welcomed us with open arms.  My husband went to do his thing knowing we would be taken care of.  His job is finally settling down now and school is fixing to let out so we are going to join him.

Now, it's no secret that I didn't ever want to sell my Texas house.  It felt like home to me from the first time we walked thru the front door. I honestly expected to live there for the rest of my life. But life threw some screwballs curveballs and now I find myself in some uncharted waters. In all my life I have never moved somewhere that I didn't know anybody. So I have decided! and it's a good decision... that I am going to go to Wisconsin and find a wonderful new home, the most fabulous friends a girl can have, and I am going to decorate my new home within an inch of it's life so we can all hang out and sip margaritas on the porch!  And since I have decided it is all going to be fabulous I do hope you all will join us.

Okay, you may never hear me whine all over my blog again. a) refer to momma's lesson above and b) I prefer tequila over chardonnay any day!

Stay tuned 'cause this girl is fixin' to make some noise!