Wednesday, March 28, 2012

First Mission Accepted!

Catch A Dream

 So, I have joined this cool club over at Vintage Revivals.  We are planning to come up with all sorts of scientific formulas and worksheets on home decor

...or no, we are going to dance nekkid in the moonlight while swiggin' champagne and slinging paint...

Wrong again!  Those were last weeks clubs.  Actually, I am not much of a club goer.  But I think Mandi is hilarious and I am always in the mood to talk decor and DIY.  So, what do I want my home to say to me? or about me? I want it to feel like a hug.

  Every time the news comes on bad news and ugliness abound. I don't care if my colors aren't the "color of the year" or my furniture isn't this years model. If you walk in and feel like you just stepped into a jewelry box of comfort and the world outside ceases to exist...then I am happy.

  FFA-Vintage Revivals-1[3]