Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Wisconsin House

If you saw the before pics of the Wisconsin house, I thought I would post a few of the afters.

Wisconsin was just a stressful time for us, We made lifetime amazing friends and our church was so awesome that our 5 year old swears that God lives there! The job started out great and went south in a hurry. The Hubs tried so hard not to bring  his job home with him but when they are messing with your safety and your livelihood it weighs on you. I am so grateful this new opportunity presented itself. He is a much happier man and it shows everywhere. God is good!

Pinterest. Seriously!

I hate Pinterest. I ADORE Pinterest! I seriously can waste hours out of my day. It is ridiculous. All of the shopping- none of the credit card bills!  My husband kind of likes the recipes. Tonight I turned my feet blue with a Listerine foot soak. So Sexy!

But some days you catch an image you just cannot live without. An absolute MUST HAVE!!! Like this...

Who's life wouldn't be better with a pink flipping phone booth in it? I just gotta have one! So while you are asking yourself "what does this have to do with the glamper project she promised us?" 

You know those REALLY ugly closet doors that come with the travel trailers? I don't have one of those any more!!!! It started raining and I had to move it inside the trailer in a hurry and messed it up a little bit but it is fixable and I am getting super excited to show you everything all put together!

See a little messed up but

Friday, May 22, 2015

Tile My Tiny Kitchen!

My little Trailer has more flipping issues than an episode of the Kardashians!  I am not into other peoples problems but I am totally into solving all the fun little tidbits left behind by years of neglect. 

First up we have replaced the roof vents and sealed the roof with a rubberized coating. Just a word of caution here; make sure your hair is secure. if this gets in your hair and dries IT DOES NOT COME OUT! so...

Okay, So it wasn't quite that bad. I did have to cut about two inches of the bottom of my braid. I have really been babying my  hair along to get some length so this was a major frustration for me. 

Now I have to decide what to tear out and what to prettify! Around the kitchen window was a little damage but not bad and certainly not bad enough to tear out. I started out painting it but that was not making me happy. I don't want just okay I want fabulous! I want subway tile, and while the weight doesn't concern me overly much in this tiny area, the movement does. What to do, what to do?

Do it anyways!!!  I worked this over in my head and decided that the movement wouldn't be an issue if I made my own subway tile! Tile that would weigh nothing and be flexible. Can you guess what it is? (humming the theme song to Jeopardy!)

If you guessed Sticky backed foam sheets, you are GOOD! I measured them out, cut them with an Exacto knife, and slapped them on there. They looked like sticky backed foam stuck to the wall. But then I painted and caulked them and I am thrilled! 

I am already on to the next project and hope to show that off tomorrow!  Thanks for joining in on the fun!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Oops. I did it again. I made you believe.... Hmmm, that's a little obscure line from a Brittany Spears song. Almost as a obscure as I have made my little blog. (sigh) The changes in my life have been ENORMOUS!!!! Since last we spoke, I did over the house in Wisconsin and now have moved on to conquer Montana. The move was an adventure deserving of it's own novel, featuring 5 (yes that does say FIVE) breakdowns in 1500 miles.  And we aren't even going to talk housing! UGH! Instead...

Let us embrace the lifestyle! Or adapt the lifestyle to suit us. I told my husband I wanted to start camping, He replied "you do realize drinking wine on patios isn't the same as camping?".  I probably should have been offended by that but he knows me so well. To make me happy, or perhaps just to shut me up, he bought me this precious little darling!!! She is a 15' Jet and I LOVE her.

and her ugly little inside...

I am beyond excited to transform her into my own heavenly little highway hideaway!