Thursday, June 24, 2010

Awesome giveaway- Go See- I'll wait right here!

Go and check out the awesome giveaway at Tatertots and Jello! It's a Sillouette Machine and it is soooooooo COOL! I gotta have one!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I linked!

Oh, happy day!!! I linked to the CSI Project- joy, joy, joy!  They have made it so very easy to participate won't you all come play? Now if I could only figure out the button thing my bloggety world would be complete- well for today anyway. I still want to do so very many things but these were the basics and I am happy happy. :0)

P.S. It is the day time stood still- Note, please- the button on my Pooh Nursery post! I have figured out two computer related things in one day. Angels are smiling and birds are singing.... and baby is crying...Well, we are one quick diapie change away from a perfect world!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Feelin' Stoopy!

I don't think I am a stupid person, however, I have my days when something just flat eludes me and I feel like Rainman all day long. Today would be one of those days.  I started this blog to share- it looks so fun- "link up" and "grab a button".  It may be fun but it is not easy!  I think I need "blogging for dummies"  Has anyone written that yet? If you are an accomplished blogger- a) Kudos and b) please write this book for me. I guess I had better find out if it's already been done before I actually beg... off to Amazon... Wwaaahhhh-I want to play!!!

OMG! Not only has it been done- it's been done at least 4 times!!! Wow- I am so Techtarded!

Pooh Nursery

Baby needed a Pooh nursery. So I set out, Mastercard in hand, to find something fabu! And found nothing... anybody who knows me realizes how disturbing this is. I always know where to find it- whatever "it" happens to be at the moment. People call and ask me where to find it. Oh, I found Pooh stuff- a mobile that gave baby a GREAT view of Tigger's tushie- A bunch of washed out watercolor classics. I wanted something awesome- something that showed my excitement over her arrival. so I pulled out my trusty craft paints and set to work. I referenced a calendar and came up with a four wall mural that I love! Rabbit, Pooh and Piglet float down a lazy river in an umbrella boat while Tigger, Eyore, and Rooh watch from the purple bridge. Baby sat in her bouncy for hours and looked at her friends. When I can figure this blogging thing out I will add Piglet hunting for a rainbow of sparkly butterflies! Best thing about this- I never did use that Mastercard!- well on the nursery anyways (wink).