Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I'll See Your 20 and Raise You 10!

So we have been looking...and looking...and looking.  We have put offers in on two properties (good news) and so have others- on both properties (bad news).  So now we are just waiting to hear if we got both, or which one, or (FREAK OUT TIME) nothing. 

House one... is a 3/1 with an income property.

House 2... 3/1 with a garage and awesome yard.

I prefer house 2 for my family but cannot ignore the financial aspect of house 1.  Since the recession gremlins came and took away life as we knew it, it is hard to pass on the money making opportunity. At this point I have decided to step back and let God decide where I am supposed to be. I was making myself freakin' crazy trying to figure it out.  So, I just gave it up.  Not to be confused with just giving up.

Both properties need tons of work and an INSANE amount of Lysol just to make them habitable.  The good news is a) I am not afraid of hard work and b) think of all the cool projects I will get to post! Hooray!!!

Wish me luck!  I will keep ya posted.

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  1. The market is crazy-- my daughter is trying to sell her first house, to buy her next house... and no nibbles. I hope you get the right house for you and your family :-)