Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pooh Nursery

Baby needed a Pooh nursery. So I set out, Mastercard in hand, to find something fabu! And found nothing... anybody who knows me realizes how disturbing this is. I always know where to find it- whatever "it" happens to be at the moment. People call and ask me where to find it. Oh, I found Pooh stuff- a mobile that gave baby a GREAT view of Tigger's tushie- A bunch of washed out watercolor classics. I wanted something awesome- something that showed my excitement over her arrival. so I pulled out my trusty craft paints and set to work. I referenced a calendar and came up with a four wall mural that I love! Rabbit, Pooh and Piglet float down a lazy river in an umbrella boat while Tigger, Eyore, and Rooh watch from the purple bridge. Baby sat in her bouncy for hours and looked at her friends. When I can figure this blogging thing out I will add Piglet hunting for a rainbow of sparkly butterflies! Best thing about this- I never did use that Mastercard!- well on the nursery anyways (wink).


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