Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Do you ever feel like you are talking to yourself?

I have my days. I blog with 10 followers (whom, by the way, I appreciate immensely!!!) My kids, my dogs, and my husband are all perfectly normal so I frequently feel like I am talking just to make some noise. Oh, well, if it's going to happen that way let's at least make it a joyful noise! I got a little decorating done in my glamper. I focused on my little bitty kitchen.

I have to admit to cheating a little here. I know everything is supposed to be either thrifted or home made but when I saw those coffee cups at TJ Maxx I just couldn't help myself. They are just too perfect! I painted an old towel rack black and hung it on the wall. The cup hooks are actually clear shower rings dressed up in grosgrain bows. These make it easy to use the cups and won't scratch them up like an "S" hook would. The canisters on the mirrored tray were all bought at Goodwill (as was the tray itself)  and sprayed gold with some Michael's bracelets around the tops for extra bling.  It's not easy to see in the picture but on the stove behind the knobs I used a  product I found on clearance at Michael's in a leopard print foil. The were out of the required adhesive so I just used plain old glue. . I did peel off the original stickers and glued them back on over the new foil. I love how it looks and really hope it lasts.

I have finally collected all of the fabric and foam I need for my upholstery. Fabric selection in the valley is very limited and foam is super flipping expensive. It took a trip to Denver and some online shopping but it is all in one place at last, So my next post should be all about cushions (and maybe a pillow or two). See y'all next time!

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