Saturday, June 20, 2015

Base Layer of Outside Paint

Now y'all know I wanted a little shabby chic glamper. A super sweet little love to tow behind my truck on all my nonexistent adventures. I looked at this...

So flipping precious!!!! But not quite me.  Then I looked at this...
 Squeal!!! Cuteness overload but again it says "someone else".

So I looked and I longed,
I pinned and I pined,
I searched and I, yeah, okay you get the picture.
I was looking at stuff everyone else had already done, hence the reason they all looked like they should belong to someone else.  Kudos to the owners of these little ladies, BTW, they are amazing!!!

A little bit of looking at what I had and what I loved and this is the new exterior of my beauty.

She is a delicious combo of hot pink, gold, black, and white. I have to add her name yet and her pin up lady (which I also have yet to choose for the same reasons!) but I am sooo happy with what she is becoming.  She was a hit on the highway with lots of waves and pictures by passer-bys. If you want to see a "before" pic check out the post on our first glamp here.

This one shows the colors a little bit better...
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