Sunday, May 24, 2015

Pinterest. Seriously!

I hate Pinterest. I ADORE Pinterest! I seriously can waste hours out of my day. It is ridiculous. All of the shopping- none of the credit card bills!  My husband kind of likes the recipes. Tonight I turned my feet blue with a Listerine foot soak. So Sexy!

But some days you catch an image you just cannot live without. An absolute MUST HAVE!!! Like this...

Who's life wouldn't be better with a pink flipping phone booth in it? I just gotta have one! So while you are asking yourself "what does this have to do with the glamper project she promised us?" 

You know those REALLY ugly closet doors that come with the travel trailers? I don't have one of those any more!!!! It started raining and I had to move it inside the trailer in a hurry and messed it up a little bit but it is fixable and I am getting super excited to show you everything all put together!

See a little messed up but

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