Friday, May 8, 2015

Oops. I did it again. I made you believe.... Hmmm, that's a little obscure line from a Brittany Spears song. Almost as a obscure as I have made my little blog. (sigh) The changes in my life have been ENORMOUS!!!! Since last we spoke, I did over the house in Wisconsin and now have moved on to conquer Montana. The move was an adventure deserving of it's own novel, featuring 5 (yes that does say FIVE) breakdowns in 1500 miles.  And we aren't even going to talk housing! UGH! Instead...

Let us embrace the lifestyle! Or adapt the lifestyle to suit us. I told my husband I wanted to start camping, He replied "you do realize drinking wine on patios isn't the same as camping?".  I probably should have been offended by that but he knows me so well. To make me happy, or perhaps just to shut me up, he bought me this precious little darling!!! She is a 15' Jet and I LOVE her.

and her ugly little inside...

I am beyond excited to transform her into my own heavenly little highway hideaway! 

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